From the history of the College

     Ivano-Frankivsk Basic Medical College is one of the oldest educational institutions of the first and the second levels of accreditation in our region. It has been training junior medical specialists for about 75 years.     
     Ivano-Frankivsk Basic Medical College started its activity as a Surgical-Obstetrical school on the 21st of December, 1939 according to the decission of Stanislaw Regional Executive Committee. The lectures began in January 1940. The Surgical-Obstetrical School was headed by Dr I.M.Goldman
     During the first days of the World War II the building of the School was destroyed. The new life of the school began in 1944. The local authority presented the building in Halytska St. for the medical students. There were only 7 lecturers at that time. The principal of the school was Marta Volodkina (1944 -1945). She made great efforts to organize the study. For a short period ( 1945 - 1958) the principals of the Surgical-Obstetrical School were Zinaida Scoch, Olga Polotnyuk, Eugenya Basclein, Lazar Kerman, Halyna Hrekova and Valentyna Kanichkina.
     The life of the students was hard, but despite of the lack of exercise-books and blackboards, the students were very motivated. The first graduates - 7 obstetricians and 24 doctors' assistants - received their diplomas in 1947.
In 1954 Stanislaw Surgical- obstetrical school was reorganized into medical school.
The Medical School was granted with the status “Basic school’’ in 1976.
Aimed at training a greater number of nurses the part-time department was opened in 1982 but in 12 years in 1994 this department was closed.
     For 25 years (12.12 1958 - 13.10.1983) the school was headed by Hregoriy Havrysh. Under his leadership the number of graduates increased, the school began to train nurses and dental mechanics. Since 2009, five best students are awarded a scholarship established in honour of H. Havrysh.
     In 1988 the Medical School changed its location. Now Ivano-Frankivsk Medical College is situated 165 I.Mazepa St.. It is a modern three-storied building that houses light and spacious classrooms.
From 1998 to 1999 the Medical School trained junior specialists in orthopedic stomatology.
Among the College graduates there are State prize winners.
     Alumni of college got the high rank positions of Government Employees i.e. Minister of Public Health of Ukraine, the Heads of Department of the Ministry of Public Health, and the Heads of several Regional Administrations of Public Health, PhD doctors, and professors.
     It is interesting to know that doctor Mykhola Corpan who treated our ex-president Victor Yuschenko was the alumnus of our educational institution. Many graduates of the School became famous physicians; among them: professors Nestor Seredyuk, Lubomyr Glushko, Bogdan Dykyj, Volodymyr Botsyurko, Myhajlo Vasylyuk and Fedir Marnchur. Some graduates headed local departments of the Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine. Our graduate V.M. Knyazevych served as Minister of Public Health.
     We have a Medical College History Museum. There are many valuable exhibits in it which we are proud of. We can see the uniform of a hospital nurse that dates back to ХІХ century, the apparatus for blood transfusion dating back to 1976, the apparatus for perpetual anesthesia, and siringes of multiple usage and many other interesting things which were used in medical practice from 1970 to 1985.
     On one of the boards one can see portraits of the directors, who headed the medical school in different periods of its activity. The principals of the school Maria Mudrak (1983-1992), Roman Malets (1992-1995) and the former graduate of this Medical School Volodymyr Stasyuk ( since January 1995 ) did their best to equip the rooms for educational needs of the students.
     On the following board we can see photos of college’s instructors, who were the alumni of Ivano-Frankivsk Basic Medical College (among them V.V.Stasyuk, N.V.Malyovanchuk, M.V.Ysenko, T.P. Colesnyk, M.I.Sapizhak and others.)
In 1995 a new structural subdivision was set up. It was a postgraduate department for junior medical and pharmaceutical specialists.
In 2005 Basic Medical School was renamed into Ivano-Frankivsk Basic Medical College.
     A number of students of our college became the prize winners of All-Ukrainian and regional competitions, contests, and festivals. Many of them were awarded Presidental regional and local council scholarships. Best students get college grants established in honour of Grugorij Gavrysh, Dmytro Zygankov, Olena Stepanivna.
Every year the students of our college win All-Ukrainian competition «Eskulap» which is aimed at mastering professional skills of students of medical schools and colleges. In June, 2013 our student Marjana Prusashnjyk was the prize winner of this competition.
     The next board is devoted to D.I. Zygankov,distinguished figure of Ukrainian culture and famous leader of amateur groups of our college, whose activity lasted for about 25 years.
     On October 22, 2013 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Zygankov’s birthday, a memorial board was established on the front wall of our college.
There is a creative group, working in our museum and organizing different excursions, festive actions and meetings for the students of the college and its visitors.
More than 9 thousand nurses, doctor’s assistants and obstetricians are proud to say that they once graduated from this college.

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